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About us

Bari Incoming & Dmc Italy!

Incoming Puglia is an incoming tour operator offering unforgettable experiences to those who wish to explore real Puglia and live genuine/ authentic adventures.

Ever since 1994 we pride ourselves on being one of the most important companies in the Italian travel and tourism industry as we cooperate with many majors domestic tour operators and hotel chains. Our aim is to meet our clients’ needs and expectations,  providing professional assistance with discretion and attention to details. We believe in long term relationships: this is the main reason behind our hands on approach.


We offer multilingual  customer service who takes care of every and each client needs. Our highly organised, focused, cooperative and proactive team offers the best suitable support. 


Tel: +39.080.8647300


Main office 

 Via Abate Gimma, 160, 70122 Bari BA