Apulian olive oil tour & Tasting

olio di oliva dalla raccolta al palato


Number of people

Min. 2


Approx. 2 Hours

Discover why Puglia is famous for its exquisite extra virgin olive oil with
us on our Oil Tasting Tour! Our guided tour offers the chance to delve
into the ancient traditions of olive harvesting and pressing. Our guides
will walk you through historic oil mills, explaining each stage of the oil
making process. Finally, indulge your taste buds with a memorable oil
tasting session, where you can savour the distinct flavors and aromas
of this prized “green gold.”
The tour includes:

  • A visit to the oil mill
  • Learning about oil extraction techniques
  • Oil tasting

Prepare to be amazed as you discover the birth of this remarkable
culinary treasure, leaving you with lasting memories and a deep
appreciation for the art of olive oil production.

olio di oliva dalla raccolta al palato

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