Van Tour Ionic Coast


Number of people:

Max 9

Mode of Transportation:



7 Hours

The first stop along our drive is Nardò, a town outside of Lecce with a historic center that boasts an extraordinary wealth of palaces, small churches and chapels of Baroque style. Next, we will stop at Torre Uluzzo, a coastal tower which stands on a rock in the vicinity of Porto Selvaggio. Along the way, you have the chance to admire Santa Caterina, and Le Cenate, known for its small villas, churches, and, waterfront.

Next up you’ll get to see the crystal clear waters of Santa Maria al Bagno, stopping at Quattro Colonne, a town whose name comes from the iconic four pillars that remained after the collapse of the castle. To end our trip we will head to Gallipoli, known as the the pearl of the Ionian Sea, where you will get to visit historic palaces, churches, and the castle and The Basilica of St. Agatha.

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