Puglia In Every Season: A Monthly Guide to Discovering the Wonders of This Land

The 2024 calendar opens the door to exciting adventures in Puglia, with long weekends and bridges making this region an irresistible option for every month of the year.

January – New Year’s Eve and Epiphany in a Cave

*Weekend long December 29 – January 1*

For an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Puglia, immerse yourself in the luxury and comfort offered by the best hotels in the region.Regiohotel Manfredi welcomes you with half-board packages including spa, offering a perfect combination of elegance and hospitality. Le Dune Suite Hotel, located in a coastal setting, will delight you with its refined suites and full board, including spa treatments for a relaxing start to the year. If you dream of a coastal getaway, the Hotel del Levante offers you only classy accommodations, with a grand dinner accompanied by live music. Finally, the ArtHotel & Park is the ideal choice for those looking for a rejuvenating experience with its combination of herbal teas and high-quality spa services. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve in Puglia in total relaxation, letting yourself be pampered in these exclusive hotels.

To make the Epiphany weekend even more special, treat yourself to a trip to Castellana

Grotte to immerse yourself in the atmospheric living nativity scene among the town’s enchanting caves.


Marzo – Ostuni e Locorotondo in Primavera:

*Weekend long March 31-April 1*

As spring blooms, visit the “White City” of Ostuni, skirting our enchanting coastal road between the blue sea and olive groves. The white streets and medieval architecture are adorned with colorful flowers, creating a picturesque spectacle.


April – Easter in Matera:

*Enjoy a long weekend with Liberation Day on April 25* .

Explore Matera during Holy Week, when the city of stones lights up with evocative religious rites and Easter celebrations. Savor local cuisine and admire the unique traditions of this World Heritage city.


May – Gargano in Bloom and Feast of St. Nicholas in Bari:

*Enjoy a long weekend with Labor Day on May 1*

The Gargano is dressed in vibrant colors during spring bloom. Explore the trails of Gargano National Park, visiting forests, caves and enchanting beaches.
From May 7 to 9, a weekend in Bari during the feast of St. Nicholas offers an immersive experience amid religious traditions and lively celebrations.local and participate in shows and cultural events that make this a unique time to explore Bari’s lively atmosphere.

June – Vieste and the Adriatic Sea:

Start the summer in Vieste, enjoying the golden beaches and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Savor fresh seafood at local eateries and discover the beauty of the Gargano promontory.


July – Lecce and the Adriatic Coast

July on the Adriatic coast of Puglia is an unforgettable experience. As you travel along the coast, stop in Lecce to admire its charming historic center and majestic Baroque buildings. Continuing to picturesque Sant’Andrea, the Faraglioni stacks offer breathtaking views and a tranquil atmosphere. A highlight of the trip is a visit to Scorrano during the July festival of lights. With the streets illuminated by lavish light displays, the town is transformed, creating a magical nighttime spectacle.


August – Salento and the Feasts of Ferragosto:

*Enjoy a long weekend with the Ferragosto holiday on August 15*

Ferragosto in Salento is a celebration of sun, sea and merriment. The golden beaches come alive with vibrant colors, while the coastline is transformed into a stage for sand parties and Salento traditions. In Gallipoli, the Ferragosto celebration reaches its peak with spectacular fireworks that light up the sky above the crystal clear sea. Venues along the coast offer a vibrant summer atmosphere with music, dancing and irresistible energy, making Ferragosto in Gallipoli a unique and unforgettable experience.


September – Alberobello and the Trulli:

Discover Alberobello, the town of trulli, when the weather is mild and the streets are filled with autumn atmosphere. Get lost in the alleys and discover the unique traditions of this enchanting town.


October – Trani and Castel del Monte

October in Apulia offers a spectacle of autumn colors among the picturesque streets of Trani and the enchanted atmosphere of Castel del Monte.chestnut harvest, fully experiencing the autumn beauty of the region.


November – Lecce Baroque:

Return to Lecce to discover its Baroque beauty in an autumnal light. Savor local cuisine and admire the intricate architectural details that make this city unique.


December – The Christmas Villages: Locorotondo and Cisternino

End the year by immersing yourself in the Christmas atmosphere of Puglia. Explore Christmas markets, savor culinary delights and enjoy the magic of the holidays in one of Puglia’s most charming towns.

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Puglia In Every Season: A Monthly Guide to Discovering the Wonders of This Land